What some of our team think about Avon…

Have a look at what some of our team have to say about what it’s like to be part of Avon…

“I can work whenever I want, wherever I want…” Vikki
“I love Avon because it’s just so flexible. You’re able to do it anytime, anywhere. I mostly sell using social media, you just share a link online, Avon deal with the shipping and you get paid. It’s an amazing way to make a living and I can work it when I want and where I want around my children.”

“Flexible hours to suit me…” Angie

“I have been with Avon since 2012 and really enjoy what I do, giving people an opportunity to build their own business and be independent. I had to leave my full time job due to being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/CFS so being a rep and sales team leader is perfect for me as I am able to work as and when I am able on my Avon business. I am able to work flexible hours to suit me and I am fully supported all the time. I have met some fantastic people and I get to spend quality time with my little girl and childcare is no longer an issue.” 

“I can earn more part time with Avon than I do in my full time job…” Janet 

“I started doing Avon just to try and earn a bit extra for a family holiday. Although I worked full time, as a single mum with two teenage daughters, I was only managing to pay my mortgage and bills and had no money for little extras. I’m now a team leader and some months I earn more part time with Avon than I do in my full time job! Avon has changed my life! I always have money in the bank, I can treat myself and my children, and don’t have to worry if I get an unexpected bill. My youngest daughter has just booked on a week away to Paris with school and this is now easily affordable, a few years ago it would have been impossible. Aside from the financial advantages, I have met so many lovely supportive people as well and there is always help readily available to help me manage and build my business. It’s exciting to know that this is only the start.”

“Avon is a great way to meet new friends…” Julie

“I decided to start as an Avon rep when I moved to a village from a very busy town as I didn’t know anyone and thought it would be a great way to get to know the locals. It was the best thing I could have done! Within a short space of time I made new friends and was invited to different get togethers and within a year or so I was asked to be a Parish Councillor as they realised people actually stop and talk to the Avon Lady! I set myself small goals from the start, from buying a sewing machine to paying for swimming with dolphins with my family, to weeks away with my family in Lanzarote. There are so many places I want to visit with my family that I really can’t wait to explore them, all made possible thanks to Avon.”

“I am truly blessed…” Sonia

“I have been with Avon now as a rep and sales team leader since 2019. I really enjoy it – meeting new people who want to start their own business with Avon like I have. Being a sales team leader has really helped me emotionally and physically. I am still able to work and contribute to my household income despite being a busy mum. I can run my Avon business and help my team of sales leaders and representatives from my sofa! The support and encouragement I have received is second to none. The training and level of support we get in this business goes above and beyond. I’ve been in similar teams before but this team really is the best! I am truly blessed to be part of such a supportive business.”

“It has been liberating to be my own boss…” Janette

“I joined Avon as I needed a hobby and I quickly established a productive customer base. It was very enjoyable, I met so many new people and the extra money in my first year went towards our family holiday abroad. I received an award in my first year, and have been invited to some amazing recognition events year on year. A couple of years later I took the step into sales team leadership and have been developing a team of reps and team leaders since then. The earning opportunity in Avon has enabled me to give up my full-time job and be entirely self-employed. It has been liberating to be my own boss. The flexibility of Avon means I can work whatever hours suit me and this has enabled me to have a far better work-life balance. Joining Avon has been life-changing for me for so many reasons.”

“Helping others succeed is simply wonderful…” Laura 

“I have always felt I wanted a role where I would be able to help others whilst earning money, so I applied to become an Avon rep and within a month I became a Sales Team Leader. With the amazing support from the people who introduced me to Avon, I have very rapidly built my team up and have not looked back since. I have also made some wonderful friends – the team has a great team spirit – and during lockdown this helped my social interaction. The feeling of being a rep and selling quality products to customers is amazing. Also, helping my team succeed is simply wonderful.”

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made…” Sharon

“Two years ago I was unemployed and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My dad, of all people, suggested I join Avon. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I now have a good base of clients who buy from me each campaign as well as taking extra orders on my behalf from their family and friends! My mum takes the books in to her work and I always have orders from them, too. I’ve gone from having no job and no money to a lifestyle I never dreamed I could live.”

“I had no idea that Avon offered such an exciting opportunity…” Liz

“My name is Liz and I have been an Avon rep and sales team leader for 8 years now. I have won trips to Berlin, Rome and Portugal which have been amazing. I initially joined Avon to earn some extra money whilst being a stay at home mum with my young children. I had no idea that Avon offered such an exciting opportunity to run your own successful business. I can seriously say I have never looked back and feel very grateful to be part of such a successful team.”

“If I can do this, so can you…” Belinda

“I’m Belinda. In April of 2018 I joined Avon to earn £400 per month alongside my current job. My life at the time was rather hectic as I was also looking after my 92 year old father and that took up a lot of my time. I built my Avon business in the pockets of time I could find around my other commitments. As you can see I am now earning a bit more than what I originally joined for! If I can do this, so can YOU! Start to live the life you deserve.”

“Our pension plan is back on track…” John and Jane

“We are John and Jane. We started our Avon journey in April 2018 after our previous business went into liquidation. We had been with that business for 18 years and it was our pension plan so we needed to find something that would substitute that and Avon was a natural fit. We run a gardening business which keeps us really busy for 9 months of the year so Avon has to fit in around that. Neither of us are getting any younger and we are feeling the aches and pains of physical work. We are planning that Avon will overtake our gardening income so we can concentrate on Avon full time. So far it’s been an amazing 2 years with us both having earned a good income from Avon and also qualifying for some of the many incentives put on by both the company and the team we are in. If you are reading this, and you join Avon, you will are part of the best team out there. Have the belief that you can do it and have what you want because there is so much help and support on tap! We are so thankful that Avon came to our rescue. Our pension plan is back on track and we are looking forward to the future with renewed optimism.”

“I’m not special, anyone can do this…” Linda

“My name is Linda. A couple of years ago my life was looking VERY grim. I’d just had my 58th birthday, the company I had spent the last 20 years with had just gone into liquidation and taken my pension plan with it. I was looking at having to work an extra 9 YEARS with the local highways department I’d already spent the last 28 years with, so I joined Avon thinking that I could fill the gap earning ‘a little extra’. I knew the brochures worked and with the online I couldn’t fail. It didn’t take long to realise that by becoming a Sales Team Leader and introducing a few people I could earn more. So whilst still working and around the many other things life throws at you I set a goal to retire 2 years later at the age of 60. Never in my wildest dreams and with help of an amazing team did I imagine that my income would grow as it has. In April 2020 at the age of 60 I walked out of Lancashire County Council Highways Department for the very last time knowing that my future would be whatever I want it to be. I’m not special – anyone CAN do this if you set your mind to it.”

And it’s not just women who can be successful with Avon…

“Avon is so simple, even a bloke can do it!” Seamus

“My name is Seamus (pictured here with my wife Clare and our two sons). I am a painter and decorator and I joined Avon as a rep because I needed to earn some extra income after my job was badly affected by the coronavirus lockdowns. I have to admit, when I first joined Avon, I thought being a man in a company that sells beauty products that are mostly for women would be a problem, but I found the opposite as the value of the orders I get is the same as our female reps. I earned money in my first week and the results have been far better than I was expecting. The help and support I got when I joined Avon was terrific. Avon is a very simple business and the system we have in place makes it easy to earn money. At a time when I was worried about whether or not I could pay my mortgage, joining Avon gave me hope. I am now a Sales Team Leader and I now help and support other people to earn money as a rep with Avon.”

“This was an opportunity I was not going to miss…” Ian

“My name is Ian and I am a rep and sales team leader with Avon. When I started with Avon, I recognised the incredible opportunity immediately. Avon, an iconic brand name quoted on the NYSE, products everyone uses everyday at affordable prices and amazing product quality together with a compensation plan which changes people’s lifestyles and income. This was an opportunity I was not going to miss! My background is in politics. I loved what I was doing and enjoyed a good income but I had little time freedom. I got started with Avon very part time to build an extra income over a period of time to build an extra pension plan. Within three years of joining, my Avon income allowed me to give up my full time job. As well as a growing very healthy 5 figure income I qualified for a trip of a lifetime to Marrakech. The most satisfying thing this business brings is the incredible people I work with as business partners, seeing other people change their lives towards financial and time freedom from a ‘proper job’.”

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