See how simple it is to earn money with Avon…

Welcome to Avon!

We have been in business for over 135 years and people have come to know and trust us as a company that sells affordable high-quality beauty products.

We now have hundreds of beauty products and our customers buy them after seeing them advertised in our world-famous brochures.

The recent unprecedented increase in people wanting to shop from home means we now have hundreds of vacancies for people to join our team of sales reps.

How you earn money as an Avon sales rep:

As a rep, your job will be to find customers and process their orders.

Finding customers is very simple:

  1. Post our famous brochures through letterboxes in your local area
  2. Go back a few days later and collect the brochures and customer orders from the doorsteps
  3. Process the customer orders through the Avon ordering site
  4. The customer orders are delivered to you a few days later
  5. Take the orders to your customers
  6. You get paid!

That’s it! It really is that simple!

The great thing is, you don’t need to know anything about the products and you don’t need any selling skills because the Avon brochure does all the selling for you!

Avon will pay you a commission on every order:

  • You will earn at least 15% on every order
  • You could earn as much as 32% on every order
  • Your earn your commission as soon a you deliver the products to your customers.
  • There is no upper limit to how much you can earn; you can have as many customers as you like

Here are just some of benefits of working with Avon as a rep:

  • You can try Avon for free!
  • You can start immediately!
  • You decide what days and hours you work!
  • You will be based at home!
  • You will be paid weekly!
  • You can make new friends!
  • You will receive a discount on any product you buy for yourself!
  • You will get lots of help and support!
  • … and there are great promotion prospects if you want them!

How simple it is to get started…

Getting started with Avon is quick and simple:

Step 1 – You register online with head office (link below)

Step 2 – Your new friendly sales team leader will be in touch to do a quick I.D. check

Step 3 – Your sales team leader will send you the link to our step-by-step guide to getting started

Step 4 – You order your Avon starter kit (details below)

Your Avon starter kit…

Your Avon starter kit contains:

  • 20 of the latest Avon brochures
  • Brochure bags
  • Customer order forms
  • A selection box of our best-selling products (worth £85) for you to try (or sell!)
  • Immediate access to our simple and proven step-by-step “How to earn money with Avon” system website
  • Unlimited help and support from your sales team leader
  • You get all of this for just £15…
  • …and the best thing is, you can try Avon for 14 days absolutely free! (There is nothing to pay up front – you only pay for your starter kit if you are completely happy and want to carry on after trying the business for 14 days.)

The next step…

  • If you have seen enough and want to start earning money with Avon, the next step is to register with head office and one of our friendly team will soon be in touch. Just click the “register here” button and you’ll be taken straight to the simple online registration form:

  • If you have any questions, complete the enquiry form below and we will be happy to answer them for you:
Enquiry form


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